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If you’re looking to add a touch of warmth and creativity to your home, our Knitting Wall Decor is just what you need! These beautiful and handcrafted pieces are perfect for any room in your house.

Quality Materials

At Knitting Wall Decor, we take great pride in using only the highest quality materials. Each piece is made with care and attention to detail, using soft and warm yarns in a variety of colors. Our cream-colored yarns are dyed with eco-friendly and non-toxic inks, ensuring both safety and durability.

wall decor

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Customizable Options

With our Knitting Wall Decor, you have the ability to customize your piece to fit your unique style and taste. Whether you prefer a specific color, pattern, or type of yarn, we can create a piece that complements your home perfectly.

Shopping Made Easy

Shopping for Knitting Wall Decor is a breeze! Simply visit our online store, where you can browse our wide selection of handcrafted wall hangings. Once you’ve found the perfect piece, simply add it to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout. We offer secure payment options and fast shipping, so you’ll have your new decor in no time!

Affordable Prices

At Knitting Wall Decor, we believe that beautiful and high-quality decor should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we offer our handcrafted pieces at affordable prices, without compromising on quality. You’ll love the way our Knitting Wall Decor adds a cozy and decorative touch to any room in your home!

wall decor

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Care Guide

When it comes to caring for your Knitting Wall Decor, we have you covered. Simply follow the care instructions provided with your purchase, and your piece will continue to look beautiful for years to come. Our pieces are made to last, so you can enjoy the beauty and warmth of your knitting wall decor for a long time.

  • Stallsworth Wall Hanger: Made with love and care, this beautiful wall hanger is perfect for displaying your knitting wall decor. Hang it in your living room, bedroom, or any other room for a modern and decorative touch.
  • Iona GRL Planter: Add some greenery to your knitting wall decor with this lovely planter. It’s designed to hold small plants or flowers, and its light weight makes it easy to hang on any wall.
  • Aston Original Itching Crafty Birds: Introduce a touch of nature to your knitting wall decor with these super cute and lovely birds. They are handcrafted with care and attention to detail, and their vibrant colors will brighten up any room.
  • Emily PWR Love Guide: If you’re new to knitting or need some inspiration, our Emily PWR Love Guide is a must-have. It includes step-by-step instructions, patterns, and tips to help you create your own knitting wall decor.

Start Decorating your Home Today!

Don’t wait any longer to enhance the beauty of your home with our Knitting Wall Decor. Start shopping now and find the perfect pieces to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in every room. Whether you’re a knitting pro or just starting out, our handcrafted pieces are sure to impress!

wall decor

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Sizing Notes

When it comes to choosing the perfect knitting wall decor for your home, it’s important to consider the sizing options available. Each piece is carefully crafted to add a touch of beauty and uniqueness to your space. Here are some sizing notes to help you make the right decision:

1. Intermediate Level

Our knitting wall hangings are designed for intermediate knitters who are comfortable with basic stitch patterns and techniques. If you’re a beginner, don’t worry! With a bit of practice, you can easily create these stunning pieces.

2. Description and Pattern

Each knitting wall hanging has a detailed description and pattern, so you know exactly what you’re getting. Our talented designers, like Aston Deardon and Emily Sheehan, share their favorite stitch patterns and techniques to help you create a unique piece for your home.

3. Tufted and Free-Hanging Options

We offer a variety of tufted and free-hanging knitting wall hangings. The tufted options, like the Laomai and Ashley designs, add a boho and textured look to your space. The free-hanging options, like the Emily and Daisy designs, are perfect for a more minimal and modern decor style.

4. Sizing and Hanging

Before purchasing, check the sizing of each knitting wall hanging. Some designs, like the Bird and Baa designs, are smaller and can be used as accessories or part of a gallery wall. Others, like the Beach and Macrame designs, are larger and make a bold statement on their own.

5. Material and Care Guide

All our knitting wall hangings are created using high-quality yarn and fiber materials. The tufted hangings may require a hanger or pin for hanging, while the free-hanging designs can be easily mounted on a wall. To ensure the longevity and beautiful look of your knitting wall decor, make sure to follow the care guide supplied with each piece.

6. Created with Love

Each knitting wall hanging is carefully crafted with love and attention to detail. Our talented designers, like Debrosse and Emily Knits, think about every stitch and fiber choice to bring you the best quality and design. When you choose one of our knitting wall hangings, you’re supporting a community of artists and makers who are passionate about their craft.

So, if you’re itching to add a touch of warmth and charm to your home, consider our beautiful knitting wall decor. With a wide range of designs, sizes, and styles, there’s something for everyone. Check out our collection today and find the perfect piece for your space!


Where can I buy the Knitting Wall Decor?

You can buy the Knitting Wall Decor online on various e-commerce websites such as Amazon or Etsy. You can also check local craft stores or art galleries.

What are the dimensions of the Iona Wall Hanging?

The dimensions of the Iona Wall Hanging vary depending on the design. You can find this information in the product description or by contacting the seller directly. Typically, wall hangings range in size from small to large, so you can choose the one that fits your space.

Is the Knitting Wall Decor suitable for outdoor use?

The Knitting Wall Decor is primarily intended for indoor use. While some pieces may withstand outdoor conditions, it’s best to keep them indoors to prevent damage from weather elements like rain, wind, or direct sunlight.

Can I customize the Iona Wall Hanging with different colors?

Yes, you can often customize the colors of the Iona Wall Hanging or other knitting projects, especially if you’re purchasing from an independent artist or craftsperson. However, availability may vary, so it’s best to check with the seller beforehand to see if they offer customization options.

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