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Kirkwood Knittery


Beginner Knitting Classes Fee: $45 (Materials not included) Pair these pretty hot pads with a jar of cookie dough mix, and in just 2 weeks of learning to knit you can cross 4 gifts off your holiday list!  Or, of course, keep them to show off in your own home.




May 11 & 18
June 24 & July 1

May 21 & 28

June 22 & 29

July 8 & 15

June 18 & 25
July 23 & 30

Beginning Crochet  Fee $45 (Materials not included)
July 9 & 16  1:00-3:00pm
Week 1 you'll learn the basic moves, the chain stitch & single crochet. The following week you'll learn the other basic stitches, and be ready to create your first heirloom.



Easy Peasy Pullover Vest (T-Shirt) (Fee $45, yarn & needles not included)
KNIT VERSION  Thursdays  June 8, 15, & 22   6:00-8:00pm
CROCHET VERSION  Thursdays June 8, 15, & 22  1:00-3:00pm

You thought all you were ready to make were scarves? Think again! Following this simple "sweater recipe" you can create T-shirts/vests for all seasons. You'll learn about gauge, shaping options, and sewing seams.  Feeling adventurous? Challenge yourself with a new stitch pattern, or stripes, just for fun.

Ripples & Scallops (Fee $30, yarn & needles not included)
KNIT VERSION  Sunday  June 11  1:00-4:00pm
CROCHET VERSION Saturday June 10  1:00-4:00pm

Got those basic stitches firmly in your muscle memory? Time to learn how to increase & decrease, follow a pattern, and much more. We'll also discuss the importance of gauge, fiber choice and blocking. You'll receive free patterns to help you practice your new skills.

Top Down Triangle Shawl (Fee $30, materials not included)
CROCHET VERSION Saturday June 17  1:00-4:00pm
KNIT VERSION Saturday June 24   1:00-4:00pm

Destined to become your new favorite technique! Keep it short for a cowl, larger to keep your shoulders warm in a sleeveless dress, wrap yourself in an even larger one when the weather turns, or work 2 for a fun poncho. Best of all, they are fabulous in any weight of yarn.


Two-at-a-Time Socks--Magic Loop Method (Fee $45, materials not included)
Saturdays May 20, June 3, 10, & 17  10:30-12:30pm
Never suffer from 2nd Sock Syndrome again! If you've never made socks before, we recommend worsted weight yarn & size 5 or 6 circular needles, 40" long flexible cord. For experienced sock makers your usual sizes are fine with a 32" or 40" length. It helps to be familiar with the long tail cast on, but don't worry - if you don't know it yet, you will by the end of the 1st class.

Crochet Slippers (Fee:  $30, materials not included)
June 15 & 22  10:30-12:30pm

Beginning with the unusual shaping of the soles, then the uppers, and finally the cuffs, your tootsies will be snug in these slippers. The same technique, with a few modifications, can be used to turn the slippers into a pair of stylish boots

Intermediate (Fee $45, materials not included)
Knit  July 8, 15, 22  10:30-12:30pm
Crochet  July 13, 20, & 27   6:00-8:00pm

Take your work to the next level (literally!) Increases, decreases, fun specialty stitches & patterns, plus tips & tricks to ease the journey. You'll need smooth light colored yarn with appropriate sized needles or hooks (preferably a worsted weight wool, but some stash may be ok--you're just working swatches).

Mentor Minutes ($30 for 60 minutes)
You are ready to up your game, but slightly wary of some techniques that you want to try in your big project.  Fear not!  Purchase a Mentor Minutes package, and schedule your short private lesson as the tricky parts come up in your work.  Used in 15 minute segments, these Mentor Minutes get you past the rough spots quickly so you will have a successful project finished in no time.
Private Lesson ($30 for 1 hour)
60 minutes totally devoted to you!  Use this time to learn to knit, or crochet, (or possibly even some other yarny craft) scheduled at your convenience. Or, come in with a list of questions/techniques/problems and use the hour to get the answers you need all at once. When you schedule your appointment let us know what you have in mind--we may have some homework for you to do in order to maximize your lesson time.

Flat Hat
Beginner Knit projects.